Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thing #12

I am familar with & e.books. I buy a lot of books even though I work at the library. I like to have a whole collection of a certain author. Anyway, I am also a good researcher so, I enjoy searching through the catalog system. I also liked Listen NJ. I felt that Net Library was a little difficult to get around. It didn't have anything that I was interested or looking for. Listen NJ even allowed me to burn a book to a CD. I have utilized our system from home previously.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Thing # 11

The Library Thing. I joined the group and became a memeber and then I added my Favorite author, a list of her books to my list. I was trying t find a chat or a talk group, relative to Debbie Macomber. It seems like a user freindly site.

Thing #10

20 things to watch...using GPS, e-bloggers, Podcasts & even e-books. You can download almost anything anywhere now a days! It is simply amazing. Anyone can be doing anything, anywhere at anytime. The wolrd is changing at every minute, social networking, software as a service and scrabooking. There is just so much knowledge out there to have!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Thing # 9

Finding a Feed is usually very easy. They are usually a highlighted link or web page that takes you to another area or source of information. The information is found within the body of original information source you are originally researching.

Thing #8

RSS - I listened to the audio recording of the lady about RSS, which stands for "Really SImple Syndication". This message was about news feeds being attached in an article. It will lead you to another source. They are usually another web link of some sort and can link you here and there.

Thing 5 -Flickr

Flickr was about linking photos to your e-mails and tags you send to people. I took a look at a picture on Flickr and saw a picture of a cupcake with hot pink icing, and a butterfly on it.

seven and half learning habits

I watched the video with the guy. Life long learning is important and we should always challenge ourselves and keep our minds active.